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...{ Friday, December 21, 2007 }

My brother is a tard'.

He put on a spastic face and my geek glasses and kept staring at people as they boarded the bus. Haha they were prolly thinking, "ZOMG FREAK!".

But it was entertaining to watch and laughed so much I couldn't breathe, so I guess it runs in the family.

Oh and this only lady plopped down on the seat beside me and burped at me.



LOL @ her expression.

Dunno wtf he's doing either lol.

Clockwise from top left : Yvonne's boobs; farty; shaunying; siblings.

Clockwise from top left : Wheelock Xmas lights; Tp mates; Road; Haris ( personally this is my fave shot).

Clockwise from top left : MRT ; unglam moment; aaron and yvonne ( who requested that i censor her face) lol; Blackman.

The last picture is a bit small, will upsize it tmr. MEH.

LALALA more to come, am hoping to go for the photoshoot next sunday, but that'll be just after my wisdom tooth extraction, so.

and ZOMG WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION NEXT SATURDAY I hope I freak out and pass out or something.

What if i become unwise?

Oh wait - not even a possibility.

HAHA okay byebye.