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Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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...{ Wednesday, December 12, 2007 }

I think I'm pretty much a nice person in general.

I don't yell unnecessarily ( unless you piss me off ), I'm not mean on purpose and I give my seat up for the elderly.

Sometimes people tell me I'm a mean person and that kinda irks me. But not really, when I think about it.

I have no idea where I'm going with this, having a really bad headache.

I have so many headaches, I hope I don't have a brain tumor in my abnormally large brain.

I think I'm funny, and I make people laugh. I try to make everyone happy but sometimes in doing so I end up sad.

I'm a hypocrite and an irritant, an animal lover but a bug-squasher. I swear 700 times a day but I've to tell lan gamers not to. My brain is bigger than yours, and so is my ass. I'm fat most days but thin on some. I'm afraid of needles but I want a tattoo.

I want to do fun, exciting things before my boobs sag past my toes, but I'm afraid I'll hurt my parents or end up dead or something.


Okay enough, I might hurt your brain by making you read such deep, philosophical stuff.

So anyway, I wore a minidress yesterday, with shorts underneath. But the shorts were the same colour as the tunic so I guess a lot of people though I wasn't wearing anything underneath because I noticed quite a few people staring at my crotch.


Went to Marina Square with Shaunying, and ate at the new eatery. Some japanese healthy pasta place. Pretty good, a little pricey though.

Shaun tried on a few vests, and there was one particular one that made me laugh my ass off and made him look like a pansy-ass.

Also, my head is ticking - it will prolly explode soon.

Stole some photos from Ziying, because my phone is screwing with me.

My plan expires on feb next year. Can you imagine if I wait til then to upload my photos?

It'll be like a 70000+ picture post rofl.

Okay so anyway stolen memories from ziying's blog :

I feel like their photographer sometimes.

But it's okay, they give me good pictures anyway.

Argh my headhache is killing me.

Boyfriend brought me lunch today, he's the reason I'm fatter now. HAHA.

Oh and digressing, saw this cute shirt at F21 that had the slogan, "DON'T HATE ME CAUSE' I'M SKINNY!", on it.

I told the boyfriend I wanted to get it and I think he pretty much laughed for the next ten minutes.

Seriously, don't make me sit on you and squash you, you nehnehpok -.- .

Also, went out with Zehra honey, who's flying away for *gasp* three months.
Take care okay (: ?

Edward's bday in 3 hours, I hope I don't forget x_X .

Oh and haris is really stupid sometimes, if I paint him purple and stick a tv on his tummy then we can all call him TINKIEWINKIE.


Seriously, you're a glutton for punishment. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into, you goodusami.